Christian Orlov Jewels


The motif of this suite is two alternating rough-hewn, 15mm nuggets of recycled-translucent-green, African glass --light & dark-- separated with two styles of gold, 8mm balls: shiny balls & elegant, embossed swirl design vermeil balls. The strand is accented every 5th stone with a perfectly-cut, faceted, pale-green oval crystal. The strand ends with a leader of 4mm shiny, gold balls alternating with two-color-green seed beads. The Necklace Center Feature is a huge, 25mm, serrated, gold-plated ball with a floral-style cap of gold-plated filigree, combined with a reversed floral-style, gold-filigree cap on each side, each side is flanked with sparkling, elegant, swirl-pattern, embossed 9mm vermeil-gold balls. Watch the video below at top.

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The Manhattan- Recycled Green Nuggets & Gold Balls Suite R136

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